Oil Painting 101

Thursdays May 4th- June 8th 5:30-8:30

Age: 16+

Instructor: Loren Miller

Cost: $200 / $175 Members

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Class Descritption:

Looking to start adding a little color to your life? Looking to brush up on your painting skills? Oil Painting 101 is a great course for beginners as well as intermediate students. Students will learn to use oil paints to accurately and realistically portray objects and people from life. Over the course of the six-week class students will learn vocabulary, techniques, and skills based on the academic art tradition.

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Week 1: Introduction.

We will be looking over the tools and materials we will be working with, as well as looking at examples of the techniques we will be learning and establishing individual goals for the remainder of the class.


Week 2:Sienna Wash painting

We will be looking at the basics of starting a painting using a single pigment. We will be creating a Sienna wash painting, to help us understand composition and how to build the foundation of your painting.


Week 3:Color Theory!

This week we will focus on color, its application, and how to manipulate it to further your painting. We will be doing a series of smaller studies to help us better learn warm/cool and complementary color relationships.


Week 4: Edges Blending and more…

Now that we’ve made a good start, what parts of the painting should I focus on more? We will discuss working on focal points, edges, blending, and more.


Week 5+6: Final Painting.

In our final two sessions we will work on using all of our new skills and techniques to complete a final painting in two 3-hour sessions.