Forward Progress

March 4th 1 pm-7pm

Age: 14+

Instructor: John Shoemaker

Cost: $200

Class Description:

This course is designed for all levels of skill and to advance the skills of the individual participants. Many times, the glassblowing process becomes frustrating and overwhelming when you feel you cannot accomplish the vision in your mind, emulate your drawing, or replicate something you have seen. Sometimes you may feel you have “plateaued” in your skill level, or hit a wall in the process you cannot overcome. This course is intended to provide the knowledge and impetus necessary to continue your personal development, refine technique, and create work with deliberate intent. Demonstrations will include alternative tooling techniques, advanced material philosophy, and accurate production methodology.

Students will be provided ample work time under the guidance of the instructor. Working in clear glass will be strongly encouraged, but students may provide their own color. Students should bring drawings, objects, or images of work they are trying to advance.


Course objectives:

Students will gain an advanced perspective into individual problem-solving. Students will strive to increase their specificity in object-making, utilizing new or unique methods. Students will complete exercises designed to challenge their current skill sets. 


Supply List (provided by student):


Drawing utensils